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Gefesselt mit einer Eisenkugel
Is Karma submissive? Or does she just like to be tied up ?

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Is Karma submissive? Or does she just like to be tied up and forced to cum? Does she secretly desire to be completely controlled?

But then like to struggle when bound? Is it a role play, is it a game…perhaps, but when shackled in a deep pool everything becomes very real…the pain, the forced orgasms and the feeling that the next 3 hours will be decided by someone else. So what we do we do to her? Tie her tight and make her carry a heavy ball with her crotch, force her to orgasm and then scrub the cum off her…and all of that is only the beginning!

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Samy is a hot 19 year old who had never been tied up before this shoot. You get to see all the raw emotion of a first timer as she is taken to the streets, stripped, flogged, dominated and made to suck cock and get fucked. Throughout the shoot she alternates between a nervous smile, screams of pain and moans of pleasure. Everything we do to her is new,and in the end she is hungry for more

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Gefesselt, benutzt und geschlagen von einem Pärchen

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Vanessa Naughty is a dirty whore who gets tied up and fucked by a kinky couple. Lorelei surprises her husband John for his birthday with a bound girl in their bedroom. The couple has sex in front of her after getting turned on by tormenting her. Lorelei then takes pleasure in seeing her husband fuck this filthy whore while she’s helplessly bound.