Vendetta gegen Ariel X

Zwei sportliche Amazonen im Arena-Kampf

Rematch of last year’s Championship match up!
Who wants it more? Who is getting fucked?

catfight girls

Hard female fight

Re-match of the decade. Last year Ariel X beat Vendetta to deny her back to back championships, and was crowned the Season 6 Summer Vengeance Champion. Vendetta picked her name carefully for a reason.

Ariel X is last year’s Tournament Champion. She has only lost one match since 2006, and last year she took revenge on the girl that gave her that loss, beating her easily. Ariel X is the smallest of the top 4 wrestlers and proves that training, skill and endurance can compete with the welterweights. Ariel X is looking to be the first person to ever win 2 Championships titles!

Vendetta looks her best in years. She has trimmed down and is as fit as she has ever been. With a lifetime record of (21-3) vendetta is no stranger to the pressure match match up. She does not suffer losing well, and is determined to make Ariel pay for defeating her last year.

This was an amazing technical match up. If there are any idiots still left in the world that think this site is scripted, we can’t help that people are partially brain-dead, and/or just plain fucking stupid.

Ariel X the slim Fight-Amazon in bondage domination:

bondage in pain

Ariel X

Ariel X and her ripped body, get punished for a full hour of non stop rope bondage all ties on screen, Isis Love co-topping. Category 5 suspension!

Catfight Melli gegen Jessie

Melli gegen Jessie Kult

Wir zählen inzwischen die Tube-Seiten, auf denen unser  Melli vs Jessie Video gelöscht wurde….aber es gibt ja noch so viele….!
We count the tube-sides on which our Melli versus Jessie Video was extinguished

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Looking for a fight

Schlanke Blondinen treffen sich zum Catfight

Two slender blondes meet to the fight

catfight outdoor

catfight outdoor

Nach kurzem Wortgefecht geht es gleich voll zur Sache.
The two girls want to fight immediately ..

blond catfight

blond catfight

Die zwei Blondinen konnten es kaum abwarten …
The fight begins…



Mehr von diesem Kampf / More of this fight : Fantasyveil Image4sale

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Angie vs Lucia App catfight

Lucia gegen Angie im Wohnzimmer-Catfight

Außerdem haben wir in dem Clip eine kurze Szene des von YouTube gesperrten Melli vs Jessie Videos!

App catfight Angie vs Lucia and short Demo Melli vs Jessie

Die ganzen Filme inclusive der Nacktszenen gibt es natürlich nur auf unseren Memberseiten bei Clips4sale bzw bei / Catfight, Fetisch oder Lesbenvideos

There are the whole films inclusive of the naked scenes of course only on our Membersite with Clips4sale