Über 300 harte Ohrfeigen

Fetisch Privat Video

Über 300 harte Ohrfeigen gibt es zu sehen, erlebt mich real und wie ich mit voller Freude meine Schläge austeile. Erst muss der Sklave zu mir kriechen und meine göttliche Hand zur Begrüßung küssen, dann werden seine Arme auf dem Rücken fixiert, 300 Ohrfeigen welche der Sklave mit zu zählen hat kündige ich nun an, nach den ersten Backpfeifen verzählt sich der Sklave und alles beginnt von vorn… Auflösung:1280x720mp4

Spanking and lesbian sex!

Sexy submissive lifestyler suffers with rough & kinky lesbian sex!

Welcome the always sexy Annika back to Whipped Ass! This time around Annika suffers at the whim of the wickedly sexy Maitresse Madeline. Bound standing tall with her tits wrapped in tight bondage Madeline seduces and dominates Annika reducing her to nothing but a slutty bondage toy. She takes cane mark after cane mark, endures an evil back bend position while licking and worshiping Madeline’s perfect asshole. She’s spread open, bound with leather straps, ass plugged with a hook tied to her head while she’s continually single tailed then invaded deep in her cunt with a dildo until her pussy is left quivering and juicy. For the last position Madeline places her in unforgiving wooded stocks bent over with her hands bound in wooden boxes and strap-on fucked deep in her ass while every orgasm is ripped from her sexy body.

lesbian pornstars in spanking action

Spanking lesbian

Outdoor Spanking

Die Sonne scheint & die Peitschen knallen

Outdoor Spanking with two sexy girls

Spanking girls



* This is the first time TTOO has attempted training two girls at the same time.
* Recommending separate interviews for the girls.
* Familiarize the young ladies with the rigors of the horse trails cutting through this 60 acres of isolated, scorching hillside.
* Leash and yoke them both for marches between scenes
* Determine and test their individual strengths, weaknesses and personalities to develop the week’s curriculum

Spanking with Vendetta

A CLASSIC FAVORITE: Vendetta in the Wall!!!

Ein super Spanking-Klassiker mit Vendetta im Folter-Holz



This classic shoot is just to good to stay buried! Before Maitresse Madeline became a director at Kink.com she walked into the Armory for the first time and was paired with one of Kink.com’s toughest and hottest subs, Vendetta! Vendetta’s a kink.com employee who spices up her day by stepping out of the Armory offices and into the dungeons to be dominated and fucked. Vendetta receives a caning too extreme to show on our preview page! She’s restrained in „The Wall“ until she’s dripping sweat from her perfect skin. There is great punishment and strap-on action and both girls have strong orgasms! For those who have seen this before it’s even better the second time around and for those who haven’t your in for a real treat! Don’t miss this classic archive!


Blonde Power

Zwei Blondinen im Nahkampf

Two smoking hot blonde lesbians

Blonde girls

blond fetish girls

Samantha Sin and Lorelei Lee play a lesbian couple looking to spice up their relationship in this fantasy roleplay. Samantha takes Lorelei to a dungeon that video tapes your sexual escapades in one of their kinky themed rooms. Samantha gets more than she bargained for in the form of kinky lesbian fetish sex and BDSM once a side of Lorelei comes out that she’s never seen before. Spanking, wax play, clamps, flogging, strap-on anal sex and more!

Samantha Sin und Lorelei Lee sind ein lesbisches Paar und sie wollen ihre Beziehung in diesem Fantasy-Rollenspiel etwas aufpeppen. Samantha sperrt Lorelei in ein Verlies ! Fetish Sex und BDSM vom Feinsten mit Spanking, Wachsspielen, Ohrfeigen, Peitschen, Strap-on anal sex und vieles mehr!

Black & White

Schwarze Jada Fire wird gefesselt und geschlagen

The bondage and pain gets her hot and excited.

Black girl Bondage

Black girl Bondage

Die dunkelhäutige Jada mit riesigen schwarzen Titten wird von Isis Love in Bondage gelegt und mit einem Power-Vibrator bearbeitet.
Jada Fire is black, busty and beautiful! The bondage and pain gets her hot and excited. Add a powerful vibrator and watch her cum like never before. Her breasts are wound up tight with hemp rope as she worships Isis Love’s feet. She is also spread wide and anally fucked as a final act of domination.

Apartment Catfight

Ein Catfight Blond vs Brunett im Apartment

Catfight blonde vs brunett on the floor

Catfight blonde vs brunett

Catfight blonde vs brunett

Die blonde Queen Kerosin ist extrem angriffslustig . Sie lästert und pöbelt bis der vollbusigen Nadine der Kragen platzt ..
Blond Queen Kerosin wants a quarrel. She annoys Nadine until she gets angry…



Nadine greift sich die stänkernde Blondine und reißt ihr die Bluse kaputt…
Nadine begins a fight with with the blond bitch, She tears her shirt broken…
More of this Catfight Story on our Fantasyveil Clip4Sale site !!

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Corset-Goddess LadyJane liefert: „Dicke Eier“ – „Big balls“

Genau das richtige Wochenende um diesen „Dicke Eier“ clip zu veröffentlichen! Schau Dir das Spiel zwischen Nathalie und LadyJane an – oh, und natürlich mit dem armen Sklaven, der zuerst geschlagen wurden und dann wirklich dicke Eier bekam…

Exactly the right weekend to publish this „Big Balls“ clip! See the game between the girlfriends Nathalie and Corset-Goddess LadyJane – oh, and of course the poor slave, who got beated first and became really big balls…