Dragged through the dust

Penny’s Trailer trash abduction fantasy comes true

Penny has a specific fantasy for a surprise abduction scenario. She gets snatched away from her job at the local drive-through by five hicks in a beat-up trailer asking for directions. According to her horny fantasy request, they take her to the middle of nowhere and the games begin: She is tied on a leash and pulled behind a moving car, running in the sweltering heat. She gets abandoned alone in the dust for 2 days with nothing but an old trough to drink from. By the time the dirty scoundrels return Penny is ravenously hungry and her mouth gets filled with filthy sweaty cocks.

In true keeping with the special fantasy she requested the guys drag her to a deserted shack where she is further fondled and defiled. Her abductors came prepared with all sorts of BDSM toys to poke and prod poor Penny with- but mostly they just greedily fuck her little body with huge hard filthy cocks. They stuff all three of her holes, fuck her ass with a stick, fist her and laugh as they stuff two cocks into her pussy. After what seems like forever the guys finally cum in her face and leave. However they decided to come back for seconds and change their minds about where they want to deposit their nasty loads. Check out what goes on in the world of this slut’s dirty mind.

Big Tits in Bondage rope

Bondage busty Tits

Big Tits Bondage

Welcome Mackenzee Pierce to Hogtied

Hot 20 something with huge tan tits suffers though her first Hogtied scene ever. Hair tied back, gagged, bent & brought to her toes. Brutal orgasms!

Mackenzee Pierce


Handled it, and handled it well. Mackenzee took what we threw at her. We warmed her up with a little flogging, then warmed her up further with a vibrator. Bent back over a metal bar, we tied Mackenzee’s hair to the floor. With a gag in her mouth this made it hard for her to swallow or even breathe. It effectively blinded her to what we were going to do next


We pulled her legs out further, her hair back tighter, and brought our sexy guest to her tip toes. We attacked her sensitive clit with our powerful vibrator and made Mackenzee cum until she was begging for it to stop. When ever you make a porn star beg to stop cumming you know you did a pretty good job working her over…

Isis Love & Haley Cummings Bondage

Zwei scharfe Girls im FolterKeller

Haley Cummings in bondage…Today we learn the wrist tie !!

Haley Cummings


In the second part of our rope tutorial we slowly show you step by step how to properly tie the wrists. We demonstrate how not to tie them too tight so the person loses circulation, but tight enough so that they can never escape. We demonstrate how to incorporate the wrist in a crotch rope anchor tie that will leave your submissive helpless and horny.
Im ersten Teil lernte Haley schon die Einführung in das Bondage
Die dominante und extrem erfahrene Isis Love zeigt der jungen Blondine mit den herrlichen Naturtitten, worauf sie beim harten Bondage-Sex steht !
We decided to turn the live show into a full bondage tutorial event. We have 19 year Haley Cummings and her massive natural „FF“ breasts to help us demonstrate and show you how to perform some basic and advanced rope techniques. Step by step video instruction that is sure to improve your skills and make your partner happy that you „took the class“.



bondage lession

Heute zeigen wir eine japanische Box Krawatte, eine effektive Bindung um Haley unterwürfig für eine lange Zeit gefesselt und „benutzbar“ zu halten, ohne dabei Druck auf die Arme und Schultern auszuüben. Wir zeigen euch, wie man effektiv die Titten bindet.


Hartes Spanking

Spanking und gefesselt in der Tiefgarage

Beautiful girl with big natural tits in bondage and fucked



Oh my god, this girl is adorable! A face that will make you melt and 32 DD naturals that are screaming to be tied up tight. This is her first time doing real BDSM and she’s got a great attitude. Orgasms help her adjust to her new environment and uncomfortable bondage. Mark Davis does a great job domming this newbie. He also can’t resist cumming twice on her pretty face with those submissive eyes staring up at him.
Oh mein Gott, dieses Mädchen ist liebenswert! Ein Gesicht, wie ein Engel und 32 DD Naturmöpse. Dies ist ihre erste wirkliche BDSM Behandlung und sie zeigt großartige Haltung. Orgasmen helfen, ihre neue Umgebung und unbequem Knechtschaft zu überstehen. Mark Davis hat eine große dominante Aufgabe bei diesem Neuling. Er kann nicht widerstehen, spritzt 2 mal in ihr hübsches Gesicht mit den unterwürfigen Augen.

Hard Bondage

Die vollbusige 19 Jahre alte Iona mit hartem Titten-Bondage im Keller.

Gorgeous All Natural 19 Year Old Newbie Chained to the Wall

Hot 19 year old Iona Grace chained to the wall, her amazing natural DD tits thoroughly fucked with.


We’ve extended our warm Device Bondage welcome to the lovely 19 year old Iona Grace. This sweet little lady is just beautiful, with a firm, curvy body and natural DD tits. Standing spread, we chain her against the wall with minimal, but very effective, metal. This girl is not going anywhere.

Obviously we can’t resist fucking with those incredible tits. We rubber band those big ole boobies, turning them into pink globes. Perfect targets for whips and floggers. We clamp down on Iona’s sensitive nipples and touch our Hitachi to them to elicit some special noises from our special lady.

Überfallen und Gefesselt

Bondage und die Nippel geklemmt

Breaking and Entering

Hard nipple play and women domination

Two fight one girl

Ein Fantasy – Rollenspiel  mit Bondage und Klammern an den Brustwarzen !

In this fantasy role play update Violet is a spy using her body to get confidential information. Lorelei and Aiden Starr don’t like her sneaking around their base, so they break into her house and use her body in a whole different way. Flogging, rope bondage, electrical play, strap-on action and more.

Darling Bondage

Die blonde Darling wird gefesselt

Seargent Major Ties Up Darling and Punishes Her with Orgasms



Darling is one hell of a woman: firm, round ass, huge tits and big blue eyes that express everything she is experiencing. Seargent Major guest directs, and he knows exactly what to do with a woman of this caliber: throw her down, tie her up and punish her with orgasms until she wishes it would stop. He spanks her tight ass until it’s red and swollen, covers her big tits with clothespins, bends her nearly in half over bamboo, and suspends her upside down. The Sarge really knows how to work a pain slut, and Darling is a most receptive and appreciative rope whore. She comes over and over as he pushes her body’s limits with unforgiving bondage, flogs her sensitive tits and pussy, and nearly cuts her cunt in two with weighted rope.