Rain DeGrey Catfight

Rain and Izamar face off in epic battle!

Rain and Izamar in catfight

Catfight to limit

This match pretty much rocks from start to finish. Rain and Izamar are formidable opponents and it is hard to predict who will come out on top. They each take advantage of each others weaknesses as they duke it out. Needless to say – the loser is NOT happy to give up her bands. Round four is a brutal fuck-fest all over the mat with pile-driving, ass fucking, face fucking and more.

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Two Big Tittied Wrestlers

Rain „Poison“ Degrey in new ultimate Catfight !
SUMMER VENGEANCE: 6th vs 11th Two Big Tittied Wrestlers Fight to Avoid Elimination for the Season
As the Summer Vengeance Tournament heats up each battle gets more and more intense. Iona Grace got lucky and was automatically moved past her 1st opponent in the championship when Gia DiMarco was disqualified. But is she prepaired to take on Rain „Poison“ Degrey?

catfight with two big tits girls

Rain the Poisen Girl in catfight

Both wrestlers train hard off the mat, but Rain is bigger and stronger than Iona, with more wins under her belt. In order to proceed in the tournament Iona will have to overcome great odds. Can she move forward and fuck Rain’s face all over the mat? Or will she be the one getting pounded with a strap-on and sent home for the season a loser?

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Catfight Brutal Rematch

Two Veterans Face Eachother

Catfight match

Catfight on the floor

Everyone hates to lose, but not everyone hates losing as much as Rain Degrey. She comes to this match up having trained hard in hopes of beating Bella when they once again face eachother on the mat.

Today is about more than just winning or losing, it’s about pride. Can Rain use the skills she has learned to overpower someone who outweighs her? Can she walk away from this rematch with pride? Or will she leave a loser, just like last time she faced Bella on the mat? Watch and see!!!


Skinny girl with massive boobs, long legs in Brutal bondage !
It has been almost a year since Rain DeGrey has done a normal studio shoot with Hogtied. This tall sexy girl has, long legs and massive boobs. Did we mention she is pretty tough also?

One of the hardest bondage positions the world. There is no name for it so we can call it anything we want. Lets call it the OMEGA tie. We have only met a few girls that can even do it.

The OMEGA tie is a category 5 position to the max. The body does not like to bend this way. And if you are at home thinking you might want to try this or one of those wanta be riggers that see what other do and try to copy, don’t! You will no doubt hurt someone. Leave this to the professionals.

We are not going to describe how we tied her, just look. However what we did to her was fun. A brutal face fucking, a good deep throat pounding. Nothing is sexier then a helpless girl in a nasty bondage predicament, having a cock slammed down her throat, and there is nothing she can do but take it for as long as you want to give it.

We then vibrate her to to near orgasm teasing her, not letting her cum, until we LIFT the Omega tie of the ground. Now this is something extra special, the strain on the body is intense. Only the vibrator, and series of catastrophic orgasms that rip her brain to shreds, keeps the pain at bay, long enough to stay in the suspension. Well done Rain, well done.

Bondage with sexy girl

Rain DeGrey

Rain DeGrey Catfight


Ariel makes Rain cum on the mat, goes on to brutal victory
Nasty submission holds, Rain destroyed…Former Champion destroys last years „Rookie of the year“! Ariel makes Rain cum on the mat & goes on to a brutal victory. Nothing held back ! More of this new ultimate surrender fight in our site: „Ultimate surrender catfight“ take a look on the new update :

catfight with big, busty and sexy girl . Big tits and tattoo in female fight !


Neues Update von Ultimate Surrender ! Die große und mit dicken Titten ausgestattete Rain DeGrey trifft im Catfight auf die sporliche Ariel X ….wer bei diesem Catfight am Ende die Faust oben und den Umschnalldildo im Hintern ihrer Gegnerin hat seht ihr auf unserer Seite: „Ultimate Surrender“

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Neuer Fight Black gegen Weiß

Neuer Ultimate Surrender Fight mit schwarzer Newcomerin

Blond battles stronger black girl

black and white catfight

Ultimate bikini fight

COFFEE BROWN                                 RAIN DEGREY
The Grinder                                          Poison
HT: 5’5                                                    HT: 5’9
WT: 135 lbs                                           WT: 124lbs
Season record (0-0)                          Lifetime record (1-4)
Lifetime record (0-1
Season Eight is now upon us. All new rookies, all new rivalries. Ultimate Surrender brings you the ONLY non-scripted competitive sex wrestling in the world. The only league of its kind in existence.

Coffee Brown is back for Season 8. This local girl is almost all solid muscle. She wrestled back in Season 6 and lost her first match to a stronger Yana Jordan. Coffee has the body type to do very well if she can put in the time and get the mat experience.

Rain DeGrey is back for the new season as well; what makes Rain different from almost every other returning Season 7 rookie is the extra training Rain has gotten off the mat. Rain has a personal wrestling trainer and works out once a week with him. This is how you succeed at Ultimate Surrender.

Rain dominates her stronger opponent from the start. Using crushing leg scissors, Rain makes Coffee submit multiple times. Rain’s crushing legs are just too much for the Grinder to handle. Rain also brings the smack-talk to mat. Not only does she destroy her opponent but she rubs it in at the same time.

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