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Slut Albright is run through the rigors of the Pope and Goddess Soma in this third day of slave training. She is made to endure punishing spanking and humiliating boot worship under the watchful eyes of the two sadistic slave trainers. Once exhausted she is staked out on the ground, intimidated with a blow torch, and covered in hot wax before being flogged clean.

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Outdoor Fetisch

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Outdoor fetish

Outdoor fetish

Picture it – serene rolling hills, birds singing, a babbling brook trickling downstream, somewhere in the distance a whip cracks, rope tightens, men whimper. These are the delicious sounds of men in pain on vacation! After meticulous planning, Mika, and her hottie girlfriends, Xana and Jasmine stick it to their men, whipping them into shape. In Part one of movie, Mika gags her man with her pantyhose, clamps his nipples and ties his balls so tightly that he writhes in pain while she jerks his cock. Mika unleashes like only she can finishing Mitch with an ass pounding. This sizzling update is only the beginning of „Payback Week“.

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Kristina Rose bekommt Schläge

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Sexy college co-ed Kristina Rose gets caught masturbating in the academy bathrooms. Professor Lorelei Lee teaches her a lesson and shows her what this institution of higher learning does with dirty girls like her. She gets spanked, clamped, and fucked in bondage cumming multiple times from rough lesbian strap-on anal sex