Tia Ling Catfight

Tia „jade“ Ling takes on Light Weight  Rookie, Audrey Hollander and Destroys her

Tia Ling is back in action for season 10. This is her 4th season on Ultimate Surrender and since her introduction to US she has come a long way. She is one of the smallest girls on our roster but she has been undefeated in the last two seasons ( records do not reflect the summer vengeance tournament bouts). She’s quickly earning the nick name „The Giant Slayer“. She’s taking down women who out weight her by 40 or 50lbs at times. And she’s trying to make today no different than all the other matches in the last 2 seasons. She takes on the rookie Audrey Hollander. Audrey is new to wrestling but she’s a spunky red headed irish woman, fighting is in her blood and she’s got 25 lbs on Tia. Audrey Thinks her size and spunk will get her the win, Tia thinks her experience and fetish for red heads will solidify her the win since she loves sticking her fingers deep into a red headed pussy. Audrey puts up good effort but its just not enough to break Tia’s winning streak. Tia treats Audrey to a nice rookie welcoming by lifting her up and carrying her to the locker room to have her way with her.

Bikini Girls in catfight

Tia Ling catfight

Beretta James Catfight

Sahara Rain v Isamar and Berretta James catfight

Match mad in heaven. 4 strong, beautiful hard core wrestlers clash on the mats in an adrenaline pumping sex fight and this in only ROUND ONE

SExy Bikini Girls catfight

Bikini catfight

Happy Tag Team Tuesday. This update is the first round of the exciting match that aired *****LIVE******* on January 4th. We have Team Yellow, Cheyenne „The Wrangler“ Jewel and Sahara“The Hurrican“ Rain and Team Blue, Isamar „La Diabla“ Gutierrez and Berretta „The Pistol“ James. Berretta and Sahara start out on the mats for their teams. Berretta has a little more experience than Sahara does but Sahara has a little more size on the little Pistol. Blue does a good job watching the clock and making sure they use all their tags. Yellow wasn’t as strategic and misses out on a full tag in the first round.

The pairings could not have been any more perfect. Where one team lacks in experience, they make up for in brut strength. Cheyenne puts Isamar in a brutal head scissor and finger blasts her. Isamar lays on top of Sahara and even though Sahara has a bridge strong enough to push a 200 lb gorilla off of her, she is unable to push against Isamar’s will.

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Iona Grace Catfight

Rookie Bella Wilde Faces off Against Seasoned Vet Iona Grace

catfight in the ring

Iona Grace in catfight

As Season 10 continues to ramp up we are actively recruiting new wrestlers to the site to face off against our seasoned vets! Iona Grace has several years of experience on her side, and a handful of wins under her belt. This is Bella Wilde’s first match, but she is clearly determined to start earn her place on the mat, and try her hardest to take down veterans and fellow rookies alike. Watch now to see who will prove the stronger wrestler and be the one straping on and fucking the loser at the end! Non-scripted girl vs girl wrestling at it’s absolute best!

Available now at Ultimate Surrender: TUESDAY BONUS UPDATE: Two Unfinished Matches for Your Viewing Pleasure

Due to corrupted footage the 4th round of last month’s tag team cannot be updated.In lieu of the Tag Team Match for this week we have edited together a bonus update for you of unfinished matches for your viewing pleasure! Tia aka Jade is back and ready to kick some ass, but rookie Lizzy The Lethal London cant take the heat. Its a close match with pussy rubbing, submission holds, and bitchy attitude. The match was called due to anger issues…lesson learned: if you cant take it, then get off the mat.Mahina Zaltana takes on Gia DiMarco and these hotties are well matched. Unfortunately, Gia is injured before the end of Round 1, but returns to wrestle another day.

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Two Big Tittied Wrestlers

Rain „Poison“ Degrey in new ultimate Catfight !
SUMMER VENGEANCE: 6th vs 11th Two Big Tittied Wrestlers Fight to Avoid Elimination for the Season
As the Summer Vengeance Tournament heats up each battle gets more and more intense. Iona Grace got lucky and was automatically moved past her 1st opponent in the championship when Gia DiMarco was disqualified. But is she prepaired to take on Rain „Poison“ Degrey?

catfight with two big tits girls

Rain the Poisen Girl in catfight

Both wrestlers train hard off the mat, but Rain is bigger and stronger than Iona, with more wins under her belt. In order to proceed in the tournament Iona will have to overcome great odds. Can she move forward and fuck Rain’s face all over the mat? Or will she be the one getting pounded with a strap-on and sent home for the season a loser?

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New Catfight with Nikky Thorne

NudeFightClub presents Nataly Von vs Nikky Thorne in Juli 2011

Not the first time that Nikki and Nataly get together for a session, but today they put all their work differences on a whole new level on the mat. The girls don’t mess around as they rush at each other and in a few seconds the superiority of one of the she-warriors gets obvious. But which one of the ladies are capable to defeat her foe in this two way fight?

Catfight nude and topless in a boxring with Nicci and blonde bitch. Sexy female fighting and lesbian action

Nude catfight pornstars

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Women wrestling with Gia DiMarco

Two amazing hot featherweights battle it out ..

Zwei sexy Federgewichte fighten es aus..

Let´s see who the baddest girl under 100lbs is. Both undefeated this year. Non-scripted, real wrestling!
Season Eight Match
The Pixie
HT: 5’4
WT: 91lbs
Season record (1-0)
Lifetime record (1-0)

The Fountain
HT: 5’5
WT: 99lbs
Season record (1-0)
Lifetime record (1-1)

women wrestling


Für alle Gia DiMarco Fans hier ein Workout Video mit Gia im Fitnessraum.
For all fans of Gia DiMarco a tube video with Gia on crosstrainer.



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Shannon Kelly Fightgirl

Die Pornodarstellerin Shannon Kelly ist sexy und sportlich

The last of the undefeated goes down



Shannon Kelly ist hart im Nehmen…das muss sie im Kampf gegen Isis Love auch sein.
Shannon fought hard; she struggled to the end with more spirit and fight then I have seen in awhile.

Jessica Moore in Catfight

Zwei echte Porno-Girls im Catfight

Kyra Black and Jessica Moore are both bully bitches


Pornstar Catfight

Pornstar Biography: Jessica Moore
Height : 5’6
Hair : blonde
Measurements : 36DD-26-37
Birth Place : United States
Date of Birth : 1985-11-14
Die sexy Blondine mit den grossen Titten bläst und vögelt sich durch zahlreiche Top-Pornos und ist auch Lesbensex und Catfights nicht abgeneigt.

Jessica ein echtes Allroundgirl und eine extrem sexy fighterin im Boxring.
Jessica the blonde and big tittet Pornstar and Kyra…in a battle of wrestling, kicking, and punching each other.

More about this pornstar-fight you find in Clips and Pics !

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