Zwei schlanke Girls im Fight

Gia DiMarco gegen Lolita Haize

Lolita Haize gets her ass kicked…



Battle of the lightweights, two tiny girls battle it out nude to see who is the toughest. Non-scripted wrestling, the loser gets fucked in the ass!

Season Eight is now upon us. All new rookies, all new rivalries. Ultimate Surrender brings you the ONLY non-scripted competitive sex wrestling in the world. The only league of its kind in existence.

Gia DiMarco is back, and her experience in the Summer Vengeance tournament has turned her into a formidable competitor. One of the smallest on the roster, Gia shows great improvement already over last season.

Welcome Lolita Haize to Ultimate Surrender. This tiny, sexy ball of energy tells us she can be a tough little bitch when she needs to be, however sometimes talk is talk. She might think she can be tough, but this is the place where the talk meets the walk and you can’t fake the end result.

Little Lolita is dominated from the start. She is sexually molested at Gia’s will, and can do nothing to stop her from finger fucking her. Lolita is just a play toy for Gia to use and abuse on the mat. In round 4 Gia finds the largest strap om we have and brutally fucks the loser’s ass into oblivion and back! Now that is how you welcome a loser to US.

Fantasyveil today live at the Red Tube Party !!
In Eschweiler beim RedTube Oktoberfest Fantasyveil Heute Live mit Oelcatch !

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Gia vs Trina Girlfight

Zwei PornoGirls kämpfen in der Arena

The Final 16! This is the start of the Summer Vengeance Tournament! Single elimination until one champion is crowned! Ranked 16th vs ranked 15th.

Fight and fetish girl gia

Ready for catfight

Trina und Gia in ihrem ersten Fight gegeneinander…zwei Pornogirls geben alles !

To kick off the tournament we have the rookie Gia „The Fountain“ DiMarco (15th) up against the veteran Trina „Passion“ Michaels (16th) This is un-scripted, real wrestling on an official collegiate mat. The only real sex wrestling in the world!

busty Trina in catfight with Gia

Busty catfight girl

Der Fight in der Arena kann beginnen.

The winner of this match gets to anal fuck the loser at the end of the match! If you don’t win here at Ultimate Surrender you are going to get brutally fucked like the loser you are.

busty pornstars fight it out

female fight

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Ein extremer Nackt-Fight

Adrianna Nicole in einem sportlichen Nacktringkampf

Extreme Nude Wresteling

Wenona, Adrianna Nicole go head to head nude. These two women wrestle nude and the loser gets fucked by a strap on.
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