Isis Love & Haley Cummings Bondage

Zwei scharfe Girls im FolterKeller

Haley Cummings in bondage…Today we learn the wrist tie !!

Haley Cummings


In the second part of our rope tutorial we slowly show you step by step how to properly tie the wrists. We demonstrate how not to tie them too tight so the person loses circulation, but tight enough so that they can never escape. We demonstrate how to incorporate the wrist in a crotch rope anchor tie that will leave your submissive helpless and horny.
Im ersten Teil lernte Haley schon die Einführung in das Bondage
Die dominante und extrem erfahrene Isis Love zeigt der jungen Blondine mit den herrlichen Naturtitten, worauf sie beim harten Bondage-Sex steht !
We decided to turn the live show into a full bondage tutorial event. We have 19 year Haley Cummings and her massive natural „FF“ breasts to help us demonstrate and show you how to perform some basic and advanced rope techniques. Step by step video instruction that is sure to improve your skills and make your partner happy that you „took the class“.



bondage lession

Heute zeigen wir eine japanische Box Krawatte, eine effektive Bindung um Haley unterwürfig für eine lange Zeit gefesselt und „benutzbar“ zu halten, ohne dabei Druck auf die Arme und Schultern auszuüben. Wir zeigen euch, wie man effektiv die Titten bindet.


Bondage with Haley Cummings

Junge Blondine mit Naturtitten im Bondage

Bondage with hot 19yr Blond & huge natural „F“ breasts

Haley Cummings is a sexy 19yr with huge natural „F“ breasts. This was her first ever hardcore bondage shoot. First times are always special.

Young busty blonde bondage


Everyone starts somewhere, and Haley is starting with Hogtied. This amazing 19yr old has the biggest natural boobs we have ever worked with – freaken „F“ sized!

So this is the meet and greet; we truly expect this girl to blow out of the first scene and want to go home. 19yr olds this hot with bodies like that just don’t do this stuff. So we start simple.

Standing spread, she’s okay. Now let’s bind the tits, and make it tight. Wow, she’s still good, and she looks great. Now for nipple clamps and weights… holy shit, she’s not tapping out. Okay, let’s pull her up to her tippy toes. This is now brutal on the wrists – she has to quit now… Wait, what? She wants more? Okay, lets make the slut cum while standing on her tip toes. Hey, she is the real deal. Who knew?

After this scene, Haley went on to do two more amazing scenes, which you saw first, and was Saturday’s live feed model. We will have this amazing girl back soon, I promise. But it’s always nice to see the very first time…

Nipple and hanging Tits in bondage

Bondage und Nippel – Fetisch

Haley and her big tits are banging

big tits

big tits

When a hot chick steps into this room there is only one thing to do. Fuck her up. Haley’s big titties are just asking for attention and not in the manner she has been spoiled with. Big titties equals harsh attention.

She is first fastened to the wall by neck wrists and ankles, creating a stressful position. Then I take away her vision. I introduce her to the flip nine and attack those large areolas. I give her a taste of the cattle prod then watch her cum as she shakes a couple pounds of weights clamped to her nipples. She grinds her pussy onto the vibe, cumming until her legs tremble.

Next I strap her onto a rotating grid, legs spread and pussy exposed. Her smooth sexy body would look much better covered in wax. From the inner thigh to her under arm to her pussy, I slowly abuse her soft skin with every drip. Drip, drip, splash. Now she’s ready to cum the way I want her to.

Lastly, Haley is locked in strapado onto a sybian. Those giant tits are squeezed by bar clamps. A tight ball gag and wide collar assure that this pretty thing understands the privilege of easy breathing. Hard to do when you’re riding the world’s most powerful vibrator. Good luck