Gia DiMarco

Gia DiMarco fetish bondage submission

Gia DiMarco took a long hiatus from subbing, but she is back and hotter than ever. She became a Domme for a few years and was a little nervous going back to the submissive role. Maestro wastes no time and can’t even get through the interview before he jumps her, rips off her clothes and reminds her that she belongs on the bottom. She is manhandled and tossed around, then he shoves his cock down her throat and we get to see her gagging and fighting back. The struggle attempt is less than impressive as her captor controls every aspect of this whore’s mobility. The brutal fucking goes on all day, along with extreme torment and strict bondage. When it’s all over Gia is covered in cum and exhausted.

Gia DiMarco topless spanking Pornstar


tspussyhunters in action

Gia DiMarco in TS pussy action

Ts Foxxy and Eva Lin destroy Rain and Gia in an all out fuck fest in the great outdoors. Rain and Gia accidently released a curse and conjured up two hot transsexual women. In this finale feature update, Foxxy and Eva Lin ruthlessly fuck Rain and Gia until everyone has cum. Rain howls with orgasms, Gia squirts, and Foxxy and Eva jerk loads of cum into the girls mouths for them to swap back and forth in a sloppy, hot kiss. This is the first fuckfest shoot to be launched on the site and just one of the many high quality updates to come for this new transsexual site for More Transgirls on Fantasyveil !

TS pussy action on fantasyveil

TS action

Gia DiMarco Gets Slammed

Undefeated Gia DiMarco Gets Slammed by Rookie Serena Blair

catfight with Pornstar Gia DiMarco

catfight fever

The Fountain
HT: 5’4
WT: 105lbs
Season record (3-0)
Lifetime record (5-1)
The Jockey
HT: 5’0″
WT: 100lbs
Season record (1-1)
Lifetime record (1-3)

Undefeated Gia DiMarco faces up against Serena Blair in an brutal featherweight battle.

Gia is undefeated this season. She’s cocky, and comes to the match saying she going to „fuck her opponent sideways.“

Serena’s small, but she’s tough as nails. She’s kept up her training since her defeat against Audrey Rose last month, and she’s hungry to win.

The match is intense from the start. You can tell Serena’s been gaining experience as she puts crushing holds on Gia over and over again. Gia fights back, but Serena keeps getting away from her holds. From the first round, you can tell this is going to be a rout. Serena fingers her, smothers her, sits on her face, and keeps Gia frustrated and vulnerable.

In round four, Serena totally dominates Gia, fucking her face, making Gia ride her, and double-teaming her with referee Isis Love. Gia learns she shouldn’t be so cocky next time as Serena turns her words against her – look who’s getting fucked sideways now!

A humiliating and punishing loss for undefeated Gia DiMarco, and a new featherweight talent emerging in Serena Blair…

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Girl Girl domination

Gia’s Pain Slut

Sexy slave, Kristina Rose, is brought out for Gia’s pain and pleasure toy. She is bound down onto a sybian with electrified bars with her nipples stimulated. Her grinding on the monstrous vibe is only amplified every time she connects with the copper.

girl girl

dominant Gia DeMarco

The vibration is just to loosen up her stunning pussy as Kristina is splayed out and tormented before the she is introduced to the sharp sting of the Samurai.


This plaything earns herself a hard fucking at the expense of enduring the violet wand rod. The electricity reaches out and sparks screams and cries with every contact with Kristina’s vulnerable skin.

Women wrestling with Gia DiMarco

Two amazing hot featherweights battle it out ..

Zwei sexy Federgewichte fighten es aus..

Let´s see who the baddest girl under 100lbs is. Both undefeated this year. Non-scripted, real wrestling!
Season Eight Match
The Pixie
HT: 5’4
WT: 91lbs
Season record (1-0)
Lifetime record (1-0)

The Fountain
HT: 5’5
WT: 99lbs
Season record (1-0)
Lifetime record (1-1)

women wrestling


Für alle Gia DiMarco Fans hier ein Workout Video mit Gia im Fitnessraum.
For all fans of Gia DiMarco a tube video with Gia on crosstrainer.



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Blondine im Folterkeller

Blonde Meat Double Teamed Bitches

Busty blonde is dominated by two sadistic brunettes with a vengeance!

Blondine mit großen Titten wird von zwei sadistischen Brünetten mit einer aus Rache bestraft!



Man sagt, dass Blondinen mehr Spaß haben, aber heute lachen die Brünetten! Gia DiMarco und Prinzessin Donna Team foltern ihre blonde Beute mit Strom, Bondage und spielen mit ihrer missliche Lage . Die  kleine blonde Schlampe hat keine Ahnung, wie hart die Zwei arbeiten müssen, um gut unterhalten zu werden!

People say that blondes have more fun, but today it is the brunettes who are laughing and having the time of their lives! Gia DiMarco and Princess Donna team up to take down their blonde prey with electricity, bondage, predicament play, and two girl domination. This little blonde slut has no idea just how hard she will have to work to keep her brunette masters entertained!

Zwei schlanke Girls im Fight

Gia DiMarco gegen Lolita Haize

Lolita Haize gets her ass kicked…



Battle of the lightweights, two tiny girls battle it out nude to see who is the toughest. Non-scripted wrestling, the loser gets fucked in the ass!

Season Eight is now upon us. All new rookies, all new rivalries. Ultimate Surrender brings you the ONLY non-scripted competitive sex wrestling in the world. The only league of its kind in existence.

Gia DiMarco is back, and her experience in the Summer Vengeance tournament has turned her into a formidable competitor. One of the smallest on the roster, Gia shows great improvement already over last season.

Welcome Lolita Haize to Ultimate Surrender. This tiny, sexy ball of energy tells us she can be a tough little bitch when she needs to be, however sometimes talk is talk. She might think she can be tough, but this is the place where the talk meets the walk and you can’t fake the end result.

Little Lolita is dominated from the start. She is sexually molested at Gia’s will, and can do nothing to stop her from finger fucking her. Lolita is just a play toy for Gia to use and abuse on the mat. In round 4 Gia finds the largest strap om we have and brutally fucks the loser’s ass into oblivion and back! Now that is how you welcome a loser to US.

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