Lucia Bizarr Catfight & Fetisch

Lucia Excentric ist eine extrem wandelbare Bizarr-Lady

Lucia Excentric is a very diverse fetish and catfight woman

Auf ihrer Clip4sale Seite kannst du viele ihrer Filme mit Vorschau ansehen. Auch für Fantasyveil hat Lucia einige Videos gedreht, die neuesten Fetisch-Videos sind in Zusammenarbeit mit mir und Lucia Excentric entstanden.
On her Clip4Sale side you can look at many of her films with preview. Also for Fantasyveil Lucia has turned some videos, the newest fetish videos have originated in cooperation with me and Lucia Excentric.

Fetish and Bizarr Luder

Lucia Excentric Fetish and catfight

Lucia Excentric in Clips4sale


The Fetishwoman tied up and towed

Die Fetisch – Frau gefesselt und an den Abschlepphaken !

Bei findet wirklich jeder etwas ….Catfight, Fetisch, TS und Schwule !


SM girl

Die Alte Fetisch-Braut abgeschleppt oder dicken Fisch am Haken ?

Finally, a thick fish caught…fetish-woman in the hook.

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Isis Love in neuem Ultimate Surrender Clip

Isis Love bekommt eine starke Gegnerin
The new Ultimate Surrender …Isis Love loses her fight vs Dragon Lily
Isis Love get her ass kicked in non-scripted wrestling, She is beat and made to cum during the match, humiliated and then made to squirt on herself.

Isis Love KO

Isis Love get her ass kicked in non-scripted wrestling

Isis Love wird von Dragon Lily in die harte Beinschere genommen.


This is by far the best match we shot this year. Both wrestlers went undefeated this season. Both wrestlers are veterans from the very first season of Ultimate Surrender, actually the only ones on the roster from the first season. These are two of the most experienced wrestlers this franchise has to offer.

The Dragon dominates and humiliates The Goddess. Amazing hold after amazing hold is put on Isis and she is helpless to defend her pussy or her pride. Head scissors, body scissors, and holds only the Dragon can perform are all used on Isis. Dragon fingers Isis and has her moaning on the mat early and often. Isis is just overpowered and outclassed at almost every turn.

Sexy Isis Love



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