Pissy and Naughty in the Woods

Pissy and NS in the woods

Watch me dressed in a posh short black dress, no panties and stiletto high heels summer boots walking in the wood. Getting horny and starting to touch my wet cunt, my beautiful tits and hard big nipples! Climbing on a big stone, squatting with my beautiful legs wide spread and cunt lips wide open and pissing a lot! Watch that strong, crystal clear pee stream! Watch my beautiful cunt and big labia wide open so you can see my pee hole spurting that piss in a distance!

CBT Absolut Extreme Challenge!!!

Two slaves fight for her mistress

Na welcher Sklave ist bereit an die Grenze und drüber hinaus zu gehen für seine Herrin? Wer ist wohl der bessere? Ich nehme meine alte Feinstrumpfhose und befestige die beiden mit ihren Eiern daran. Und dann heisst es wer zuerst aufgibt? Gibt es eine Belohnung oder haben sie keine Chance?

Morgan Peeing in Nature

Outdoor NS Peeing in Nature

Peeing outside, surrounded by nature – it’s the most natural thing in the world! So this video was a joy to film for me. In the first part I pee on a rock ledge, with an amazing sea view where people are scuba diving and boats and kayaks are floatig by. The second part is on a trail in the jungle where I stop for a wee and then keep walking… we shot this one "voyeur-style" 😉 The third part is shot at the same location as "On The Rocks", but it’s only me peeing this time! And in the very last part Bruce decides to make me drink some of his very strong piss from different angles, before I pee down from an abandoned house 😀 – Morgan xx

Fetisch Ladys testen Sklaven

Fetisch Ladys testen Sklaven…wer kann Schmerzen aushalten ?

Nun, heute haben wir wieder Action! Wir haben mich, Mistress-Stella und Nemesis, wie wir einige neue Sklaven testen. Wir wollen etwas Neues für unsere Villa kaufen, aber bevor wir kaufen, wollen wir das Wichtigste testen: Wie lange können diese neuen Schmerzen von Peitschen aushalten, denn beide Damen sind immer in der Stimmung, unsere Frustrationen an männliche Kreaturen raus zu lassen. So sind alle drei Sklaven in dem Raucherzimmer des Herrenhauses, wo sie sich nacheinander über eine Ledercouch beugen müssen und überall ausgepeitscht werden. Beide Damen geben alles, wir haben es in der Hand, um zu testen, welcher Sklave die härtesten Schläge ertragen kann … einer schreit die ganze Zeit und scheint keine gute Auswahl zu sein, aber die anderen können harte Peitschenschläge offensichtlich gut ertragen… gut … finde heraus, welchen wir am Ende nehmen …

Outdoor Fetish

Beautiful Spanish Slut Gets Disgraced Like a Pig

Suspended in rope bondage, Max & Liz both take turns slapping the fuck out of Nerea until she learns how to properly respond like a pig.
Part 1 – Spanish Slut gets disgraced like a pig!
Perky Nerea Falco is ready to be disgraced. But little does she know Max Cortes and Liz Rainbow are there to turn this slut into a fuck pig! Suspended in rope bondage, Max and Liz both take turns aggressively slapping the fuck out of Nerea until she learns how to properly respond like a pig. Once they let her down, she is then made to worship and lick Liz’s sexy high heals and feet. Every good pig needs an anal tail, which is shoved down this sluts tight ass hole. She is then made to crawl on her hands and knees in front of a crowded park.

Part 2 – Spanish Bar turns into a Filthy Fuck Party!
Nerea is dragged into a filthy bar and is soaked in freezing cold water. She is then made to lick up and scrub clean the dirty floors with her body and tongue. The bar goes wild! Patrons get their horny hands all over these sluts. Even Liz gets her clothes torn off and gets into the action! Ass eating, hair pulling, face spitting, aggressive deep throat, hard anal, this bar gets it all! Dicks are pulled out and suck off, tits come out and get slapped! Champagne is sprayed over everyone! Finally Nerea is drenched in cum, while a bar patron wipes it all over her filthy face.

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