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Jessica Moore nude and in prison cell

Jessia Moore

Story: Mighty Mistress Mandy has a new toy to play with, her name is Jessica Moore, a dumb blonde with jiggly big boobs and meaty pig ass, just the best material for bondage and whipping. Just watch as the ropes leave a red mark on Jessica’s tender skin and watch her suffer as Mistress Mandy tortures her nipples with her suction pump and lash! But joy is not far, Mistress fucks her hogtied sex slave with a plastic cock until she cums!



Officer Eve has to perform full body search on this street hooker before sending her to jail. She indeed starts it, touching her body sliding her hands up and down on her inner thighs and other delicate parts. Since body cavity has to be examined too, she orders her captive to undress and slides her truncheon inside the hooker’s juicy pussy. to Eve’s astonishment, the bitch enjoys this act immensely…!
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Psychology says sometimes we express our love in strange and not so understandable ways. Like Kathia Nobili. She just wanted to tell Jennifer Morante that she is very happy to be her friend, but her appreciation just got to be too um… much. But when it was over, and actually even during the whole time Jennifer was happy and excited about all this, what’s happening to her! Check them out!


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Lee Lexxus captured Lucy Cattiva and now she finally has the power to do anything with her, whatever she wants to. It’s been a long time since she wanted to fuck with Lucy Cattiva, but always said no to her, so there was no other way, Lee had to bind her hands and play with her this way. When Lee fucked her, Lucy’s pussy became wet, so she didn’t mind fucking herself at the end…

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