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Special Agent Chris Harder was the first to put Wolf Hudson away, and he’s hellbent on being the last. Now that he finally has Wolf in custody, Agent Harder thinks the nightmare has ended. Agent Harder should know better, Wolf Hudson doesn’t go down so easily. Breaking free of the agent’s clutches, the sexual deviant makes a run for it hopping rooftop to rooftop. When Harder catches up, the two wrestle to the ground before he’s overpowered by the sex crazed criminal. He struggles with duct tape across his mouth as Wolf taunts and shocks him. Harder’s screams echo over the rooftop as Wolf tears his briefs out and plows into his asshole. Wolf binds Harder to a chimney as he takes out his flogger and lets the cruel implement loose all over Harder’s body. Wolf fucks Harder’s tenderized ass before furiously flogging the agent once more. Agent Harder’s will completely shatters as Wolf gives him a third dicking, now in a rope sling on the side of the roof. The agent moans in ecstasy as his captor slaps and punches his body and reams his ass. Wolf covers Harder’s abs in hot jizz and smears the load into Harder’s mouth. Harder is dragged back to the center of the roof and takes Wolf’s command to cum onto his boot with gusto. Wolf, satisfied with breaking another cop, makes Agent Harder clean the boot as he delivers more electric shocks.

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Latin muscle stud, Alessio Romero, returns to NK and is out to kick some ass and finally take home his first victory. But Drake Temple has other ideas. Drake is brand spanking new to NK and he thinks he’s gonna use his youth and his agility to smash Alessio down and keep him there. Will Alessio fuck Drake up on the mat and then fuck his ass even harder with his big, dark cock? Or will Drake take down the furry Latin fucker and make him choke on his uncut, white cock before he pounds his hole wide open? Get ready for some hot, aggressive wrestling action and a scorching outdoor victory fuck you will not soon forget!



You like wearing leather (and / or) gum, because you know what a feeling it is to feel this material on the bare skin ?
You want to know the sex in leather, rubber and uniform? Fantasyveil Fetish and gay sex with hot pics and films !



Sexy ripped NK powerhouse DJ has a reputation for hitting his opponent hard and fucking him even harder. With a hot body and some mad wrestling skills, cocky stud Nikko Alexander is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with here on NK. These two fighters will push each other to the limit on the mat and then push each other over the edge with a brutal suck and fuck session. Total domination leads to total humiliation. This match is one you won’t want to miss!

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Gianni Luca is bound and taken to Helios Resort in Palm Springs. People are hanging out by the pool and Gianni is begging to be groped and used by all. Cole Streets humiliates Gianni by shoving his big foot in the boy’s mouth. As a reward, Gianni gets a hot load from one of the guests. Still in bondage, Gianni is tossed in the pool. There are guys around for safety purposes of course. Gianni is made to suck cocks underwater. The rowdy guys drag him out of the pool and flog his ass. They take turns fucking him while everyone watches.



It’s almost closing time at a quiet neighborhood bar. Zach Alexander is looking for some trouble and Spencer the bartender just want to get home from a long day. Zach confides in Spencer that he’s curious about bondage but his boyfriend wants no part of it. After some coercing, Spencer decides to show Zach the ropes. Spencer said there are two types of bondage, one without corporal and one with corporal. He prefers the one with corporal and Zach is willing to give it a try. Zach has no idea that there is a hard bondage fuck entail and wild night ahead.

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  1. New on Fantasyveil ! Gay-Fetish in roleplay and fantasy-stories.Black leather and nude wrestling for man.

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