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Ultimate Surrender

Competitive female sexual wrestling

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12. August 2011

Big tits in catfight

Welcome to the second round of the SUMMER VENGEANCE TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS. The top 16 competitors of Season 8 battle in a single elimination tourney to determine the overall Season Champion! If you lose, you go home, well fucked and humiliated. If you win, you move forward to face a more dangerous opponent!

Rain DeGrey was last year’s Rookie of the Year, and is undefeated this season. She has been training off the mat, and is great shape. Rain has a 6 inch and 15lb advantage over her opponent and hopes to use her long legs to great effect.

Ariel X is also undefeated this season and has one thing Rain does not, an Ultimate Surrender Championship trophy on her wall. Ariel might be tiny, but this is one girl you do not want to mess with on a mat.

Ariel held nothing back. Rain was in trouble early and often from Ariel’s powerful legs. Submission hold after submission hold was placed on Rain, each with devastating effect. Ariel made Rain cum on the mat and cum hard. Not only did Rain get her ass kicked by a smaller opponent, but that opponent made her cum like a whore during the wrestling. Ariel went on to further humiliate the loser with a brutal ass fucking in RD4. Ariel X moves on to the quarter finals, Rain heads home in defeat and shame.

Catfight with big tits


03. August 2011

Sara Jay looked impressive in her first match

Mahina is off her first ever Summer Vengeance Victory! She has been training off the mat, but now faces a much bigger opponent. Can our sexy Hawaiian meet the challenge?

Sara Jay looked impressive in her first match and stepped right into the top 10 rankings. She is aggressive, strong and has monster „EEE“ boobs! Sara is a scrapper and hates losing.

Mahina’s training paid off. Giving up more than 25lbs, Mahina held her own and dominated Sara in one of the closest, most even matches we have ever shot.

Round 4 was a brutal fuck. Both Isis and Mahina humiliated and fucked the big titted loser into the mat. Sara got her first taste of defeat and it tasted like cum..

Big tits of Sara Jay in catfight with other women

Big tit catfight

16. Mai 2011

Amazing featherweights battle it out to see who the baddest girl under 100lbs is. Loser is fucked!

Gia DiMarco vs Rosemary



Catfight girls

Rosemary Radeva won her first ever match against Emma Haize. She didn’t just beat her, she rubbed it in her face. She humiliated poor Emma without mercy in RD 4. The Pixie verbally berated Emma for her poor wrestling skills and claimed how great she was to beat Emma in her very first match. Rosemary’s confidence is high and is looking forward to kicking Gia’s ass and repeating a very humiliating RD 4 on Gia.


Gia is back on the mat for singles competition. She has been wrestling in this years Tag Team League. For those who don’t know, The Tag Team League can be an accelerated learning curve for the new girls. Just one Tag Team Match gives the mat experience of about 5 single matches. Gia thinks it kinda cute that this tiny girl thinks she can beat her, and by cute I mean fucking hilarious.

This is going to turn into a great rivalry for the ages. Both girls got submissions on the other, both girls got locked into holds unable to escape. Girls got fingered, girls got head locked, face sat, body scissored, head scissored, full nelson’d and generally beat up and abused. However there can only be one winner, and the winner gets rewarded- she gets to fuck and humiliate the loser, lets watch!

08.April 2011

Battle of the Featherweights

Welcome Rosemary Radeva to Ultimate Surrender. This Featherweight rookie is as small as they come. Rosemary is the smallest wrestler to date to ever step on the mat. She is smart, she listens and she is very competitive, but will it be enough?

Emma Haize is back on the mat and for once in her life she faces an opponent smaller than herself. Emma is (0-2) and needs a win. Since this is Rosemary’s first time Emma is confident today will be that day.

Both girls give it their all, and in the end Rosemary wanted it more. Rosemary listened to Isis‘ instructions between rounds and used that information to get her first US win! Emma is going to be ground into a pulp at US if she doesn’t improve her skills and improve quickly!

Round 4 is brutal! The new rookie shows how she can bring it and enlists the help of Isis to fuck the living shit out of the loser. Emma is double fucked into the mat, humiliated and made to cum like a common whore



Shannon Kelly vs Isis Love :
The last of the undefeated goes down. As it stands right now, there is not one wrestler with four matches to her name that has not lost at least once. This is a testament to the quality of talent pool we have here at US. Shannon fought hard; she struggled to the end with more spirit and fight then I have seen in awhile. Shannon is pound for pound the strongest wrestler we have; however, it was quickness and experience that won the day for the Goddess. I don’t know how such a tiny girl can take such a HUGE dick, check out RD 4 to see for yourself.
Shannon Kelly Isis Love fight


Season Eight Match GIA DIMARCO The Fountain HT 55 WT 103 lbs Season record 00 Lifetime record 01 LOLITA HAIZE The Avenger HT 54 WT 100lbs Season record 00 Lifetime record 00 Season Eight is now upon us. All new rookies all new rivalries. Ultimate Surrender brings you the ONLY nonscripted competitive sex wrestling in the world. The only league of its kind in existence. Gia DiMarco is back and her experience in the Summer Vengeance tournament has turned her into a formidable competitor. One of the smallest on the roster Gia shows great improvement already over last season. Welcome Lolita Haize to Ultimate Surrender. This tiny sexy ball of energy tells us she can be a tough little bitch when she needs to be however sometimes talk is talk. She might think she can be tough but this is the place where the talk meets the walk and you cant fake the end result. Little Lolita is dominated from the start. She is sexually molested at Gias will and can do nothing to stop her from finger fucking her. Lolita is just a play toy for Gia to use and abuse on the mat. In round 4 Gia finds the largest strap om we have and brutally fucks the losers ass into oblivion and back Now that is how you welcome a loser to US.

WELCOME TO THE START OF A BRAND NEW SEASON. Season Eight Match COFFEE BROWN The Grinder HT 55 WT 135 lbs Season record 00 Lifetime record 01 RAIN DEGREY Poison HT 59 WT 124lbs Season record 00 Lifetime record 14 Season Eight is now upon us. All new rookies all new rivalries. Ultimate Surrender brings you the ONLY nonscripted competitive sex wrestling in the world. The only league of its kind in existence. Coffee Brown is back for Season 8. This local girl is almost all solid muscle. She wrestled back in Season 6 and lost her first match to a stronger Yana Jordan. Coffee has the body type to do very well if she can put in the time and get the mat experience. Rain DeGrey is back for the new season as well what makes Rain different from almost every other returning Season 7 rookie is the extra training Rain has gotten off the mat. Rain has a personal wrestling trainer and works out once a week with him. This is how you succeed at Ultimate Surrender. Rain dominates her stronger opponent from the start. Using crushing leg scissors Rain makes Coffee submit multiple times. Rains crushing legs are just too much for the Grinder to handle. Rain also brings the smacktalk to mat. Not only does she destroy her opponent but she rubs it in at the same time.

Ultimate Surrender brings you the ONLY non-scripted competitive sex wrestling in the world. The only league of its kind in existence.

Season Eight Match

The Dragon
HT: 5’4
WT: 135lbs
Season record (1-0)
Lifetime record (30-5)
The Destroyer
HT: 5’10
WT: 150lbs
Season record (0-1)
Lifetime record (0-1)

The Dragon has a weakness, and the secret is out. Every wrestler knows that if you get fingers in the Dragon you got her. It is a weakness that has been exploited over the last few matches. The Dragon will need to man up when the fingers are in her and not cum, or she might fall from the elite.

The Destroyer is getting the hard matches. We feel she can easily hit the elite status and we are accelerating her experience. She has much to learn, but she is catching on faster than any who came before her. Her size and strength will make her unbeatable if she acquires the same skill that the top four possess.

But that day has yet to come, as Saffron is beaten and beaten well. She suffered some brutal leg scissors, head locks and even a back breaker. Worst of all, she got brutally fucked in the ass in RD4.