2015-04-04 Manchmal mag es Marijana etwas härter Teil 3

Und schließlich näherte sich unsere kleine, geile SM-Session ihrem Höhepunkt. Nachdem ich erst am Tisch liegend nochmal gründlich durchgenommen wurde, musste ich auf einem Kissen am Boden knieend meinem Herren mit einem gekonten Blow- und Handjob erlösen. Und es schoss die Sahne aus ihm und veredelte meine weiße Bluse dabei. War sehr schön geil!

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I have been feeling horny all day at work and I was in need to be fucked by a juicy cock. As it so happens I have a fuck friend who works with me and now and again we get together and have some fun. On this particular day after everybody had gone home we stayed behind. I was in my office with only my sexy underwear on, I bent over my chair doggie style waiting for my work colleague to come in. He came into the office and were he saw me wiggling my arse ready for him to go behind me and fuck me. He did not waste any time and immediately inserted his cock deep into my swollen pussy and gave me a really good fucking. He thrust his cock in and out of my pussy so hard that he exploded inside of me. I could feel his warm cream inside of me and it felt nice knowing that someone had just cum in me.

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These two wrestling babes get feisty. They taunt each other the entire time. Nothing is hotter than a sexy wrestler getting trapped in a hold, turning frustrated and made to cum on the mats. When the Buzzer goes off, the punishment doesn’t stop. The girl in control at the end of round 3 keeps the hold and fingers her opponent to orgasm.

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