Rain „Poison“ Degrey Catfight

Rain „Poison“ Degrey vs Abbey „The Boss Cross“

Rain Degrey is the Veteran for this match. This is her 4th season and last season she started mopping the mats with rookies left and right. Abbey Cross is an athletic beauty with the heart of Gold and biceps of steel. Abbey is confident that her muscles will speak for themselves on the mats. Rain is Confident her Experience will help her prevail. With in the first few minutes Rain shows her dominance and gets her fingers deep into the rookies pussy solidifying the win. The boss whimpers in desperation but the Vet just won’t let up. The rookie learns quickly and does everything in her power to prevent Rain from getting those fingers inside her but it’s not enough. This time Rain gets to show Abbey „the Boss“ Cross, who the boss really is in round 4. Rain skull fucks the rookie then cums on her face to put her in her place. Abbey sucks Rains Strap on and gets a brutal fucking she’ll never forget.

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