Iona Grace Catfight

Rookie Bella Wilde Faces off Against Seasoned Vet Iona Grace

catfight in the ring

Iona Grace in catfight

As Season 10 continues to ramp up we are actively recruiting new wrestlers to the site to face off against our seasoned vets! Iona Grace has several years of experience on her side, and a handful of wins under her belt. This is Bella Wilde’s first match, but she is clearly determined to start earn her place on the mat, and try her hardest to take down veterans and fellow rookies alike. Watch now to see who will prove the stronger wrestler and be the one straping on and fucking the loser at the end! Non-scripted girl vs girl wrestling at it’s absolute best!

Available now at Ultimate Surrender: TUESDAY BONUS UPDATE: Two Unfinished Matches for Your Viewing Pleasure

Due to corrupted footage the 4th round of last month’s tag team cannot be updated.In lieu of the Tag Team Match for this week we have edited together a bonus update for you of unfinished matches for your viewing pleasure! Tia aka Jade is back and ready to kick some ass, but rookie Lizzy The Lethal London cant take the heat. Its a close match with pussy rubbing, submission holds, and bitchy attitude. The match was called due to anger issues…lesson learned: if you cant take it, then get off the mat.Mahina Zaltana takes on Gia DiMarco and these hotties are well matched. Unfortunately, Gia is injured before the end of Round 1, but returns to wrestle another day.

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