Blonde Electrosluts

Sexy, Blonde ASHLEY FIRES Subs for Electrosluts!

Lesbian elektro sex

Blonde Power

Ashley Fires is as cute as a kitten, and even Lorelei Lee, the tough lezdom bitch that she is, takes notice of it. But rather than succumb like so many others to her adorable and endearing wiles, Lorelei does what she does best and molds Ashley into the little electrosex fucktoy that lurks inside her.

Lorelei makes Ashley slut it up in a pair of pantyhose, which is ripped to accommodate the electro BDSM session to come. Ashley spreads her toes, giving into the Lorelei’s perversion, then going deeper into her whoredom with a variety of electrical dildos and toys that all dispense painful shocks to the otherwise innocent ingenue. Ashley begs to cum, which Lorelei eventually allows, but only because she’s displayed the potential for deeper fetish corruption.

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