Fucking Machines Goes to Japan

About 3 months ago, a Japanese company called Baby Entertainment contacted Kink.com with an interest in purchasing some Fucking Machines. What started off as a chance encounter developed into Kink.com’s first ever DVD distribution deal. After spending a week in San Francisco, Baby Entertainment invited Fuckingmachines.com to Tokyo to shoot content for 4 DVDs to be released in Japan. Tomcat and his crew headed East for one of the most fascinating and challenging adventures in FM history. After a week of countless miscommunications, cultural differences and heightened perspectives, the crew returned home with a new appreciation for Japanese kinkiness. The DVDs, two of which were released this week, not only represent a successful collaboration with Baby Entertainment but also the first of many projects that will increase the accessibility of Kink.com’s material by putting it into the hands and DVD players of the global public.