Christmas Part Two: BDSM slaves and anal whores celebrate the holidays

Welcome back to the raunchy conclusion of The Upper Floor Christmas Party. Part one ended with pixie being punished with a hard fucking by Mark Davis. The smell of sex hits the room like a grenade, and soon all the guests are pulling their clothes off and sucking, fucking, spanking, and playing. Sweet innocent Bonnie has her face hidden in a thick leather hood and is made to blow her Master while Alice continues her shenanigans and is cropped and fucked for her efforts. Guests line their slaves up on the tables and couches, punishing their asses and degrading them. Devi Lynn is strung upside down and tickled while Dana Vixen is flogged by Ultra Violet.

The Pope puts tramp in charge of ash, and soon our house slave reveals her lesbian dominance by fucking ash into an orgasmic puddle, which she and kaos then fist and beat until ash is begging for mercy. Christine and Nerine can’t help but get in the fun, entertaining Mark and Maestros cocks while they wait for the final gangbang. Pixie, tramp, sparky, and kaos all hold on tight as Mark rampages through them, fucking each slave until he settle on sparky and plows her ass deep and hard while the other slaves hold her down. Still not satisfied, The Pope demands the slaves get in a four girl deep fuck train while odile is used by a guest on the couch. Happy Holidays!