Bountiful Orgasms with Brutal Bondage

You saw Lyla in a live show, now see her on her own. Tough and willing are attributes admirable out of an up and coming bondage slave of your dreams.

She begins locked into the A frame with her legs and arms spread and her ass on the floor. Any movement yanks on her neck or fragile wrist and ankles. She can squirm and wiggle all she wants, it’ll cost her though. This gets put to the test when her nipples are clamped then tied off stretching her titties out. She is whipped and vibed, made to rip off the clamps at orgasm.

With her ass up, face down she is ready for a fucking of a lifetime. She is bound into position with the metal bondage pipe system with just enough movement to express the ferocious fucking she’s about to endure. Whether she wants to or not, orgasms will be brutally fucked right out of her by Alpha. Machines never tire.

Now that her pussy has been violently fucked it’s time to stimulate her clit into oblivion. What better way to do so then with an upside down sybian suspension. Some girls cum heavy and hard, other girls cum long and steady with rolling orgasms. Find out which kind of orgasms are induced when Lyla’s mind and body have been depleted.