The Electro Lesbian Club

Ignorant of the advice given by Groucho Marx regarding clubs and not being a member of one that would have him, Cassandra Nix, BEGS and PLEADS bouncers Bobbi Starr and Dana DeArmond to let her in. Bobbi and Dana scoff and laugh at Cassandra’s attempts at entry, informing her that this particular club is way too much for her to handle, seeing how it’s for stunning women ONLY. But Cassandra, knowing of the all-girl nature of the establishment, tells these two mean bitches, that’s why she came and that she’ll do anything to get in. ANYTHING. Taking Cassandra at her word, Dana shoves her into a filthy bathroom to see just how committed she is. With a hidden cache of toys that shock, Bobbi and Dana give Cassandra an initiation she won’t forget. Only after three rounds of rough pussy shocking, nipple zapping, fisting and ass „play“ that’s anything but play, will the ladies ever begin to conceder Cassandra’s pleading application. Is Cassandra ready to make her debut at the private Electro Lesbian Club? Will she make the list?