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Tori Luxe gegen Samantha Sin

Sexy blond with huge tits, destorys tiny porn star…

Former collegiate Gymnast with huge tits kicks sexy porn stars ass. Tori Luxe is made to submit multiple times and is fucked in the ass for losing!


Samantha Sin catfight

Season Eight Match

The Phoenix
HT: 5’2
WT: 120 lbs
Season record (0-1)
Lifetime record (0-1)
The Python
HT: 5’4
WT: 113lbs
Season record (0-1)
Lifetime record (3-3)

Tori Luxe is back after losing her first match. As the round starts, it is obvious she has forgotten most of what she learned from her first match up. It takes a few minutes to get comfortable on the mat. After a warm up period Tori start to fire up, but then it’s too little too late for our sexy porn star.

Samantha is also back for her second match up of the season. She is taller but lighter than her opponent. Samantha has killer legs and amazing flexibility. She wraps those powerful legs around Tori early and often. Brutal scissor holds make Tori submit and tap out time after time. Samantha made Tori her little bitch on the mat.

This was a great middle of the rankings match up. 2 amazing hot girls, non-scripted real wrestling at its best! Are you not entertained?

Samantha Sin:

Hot blond PORN-MILF

Hot blond MILF

catfight girl

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