Samantha Sin Catfight

Neu bei Ultimate Surrender , Samantha Sin gegen die “ Drachen-Lily“

Samantha Sin makes the Dragon-Lily  orgasm on the mat

Samantha Sin , blond , sexy und hat Lust auf Catfight..

Blonde, sexy and is ready for catfight..

catfight girl

Blond and sexy fetish and catfight

The Python
HT: 5’4
WT: 113lbs
Season record (0-0)
Lifetime record (3-2)

Two Hot MILFs battle it out on the mat to see who is the toughest mom. Amazing holds, submissions and one orgasm on the mat.

Zwei sexy MILF Amazonen kämpfen, um auf der Matte zu sehen, wer ist der härteste , wer hat mehr Power, wer wird am Ende gefickt..

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The Dragon is back for season 8 and she has a lot to make up for after her embarrassing defeat against Dia in the Summer Vengeance tourney. Dia made her cum over and over on the mat and destroyed her like she was a fresh rookie off the street. Now that Dragon has tasted the orgasm on the mat will she ever be able to be competitive again, or will her weakness be the ruin of her?

Welcome back Samantha Sin. Sin took a break to become a Mom, and she comes back to the mat fitter and in better shape then she left! It took a round before Sin got back into the swing of things. In the second round she made The Dragon orgasm with an amazing hold. The Dragon hid this from us until the end interview, but no matter, Sin made the Dragon cum on the mat.

This match had it all, amazing scissor holds, orgasm on the mat, and a couple never before seen holds that were beautiful to behold. If you’re a wrestling fan or a porn fan this match is what you have been waiting for. As always, Ultimate Surrender is a non-scripted, real wrestling site! Nothing ever faked or rehearsed!
Willkommen zurück Samantha Sin. Sin hat eine längere Kampfpause hinter sich, sie kommt wieder auf die Matte, fitter und besser in Form, als sie vor einiger Zeit die Fightserie verließ !
Wie immer Surrender Ultimate ist eine Non-Skript, echte Wrestling-Website! Nichts ist gefälscht oder geprobt!