Start der neuen Catfights

Adrianna Nicole gegen Bella Rossi




Amazing battle of the big titted wrestlers! 2 experienced veterans of equal stature fight it out hardcore to see who is the baddest bitch on the mat.

Amazonen Kampf der großen Titten! Zwei erfahrene Kämperinnen der gleichen Statur gehen in ganz neu in den Kampf , wer die stärkere Hündin auf der Matte.

Season Eight is now upon us. All new rookies, all new rivalries. Ultimate Surrender brings you the ONLY non-scripted competitive sex wrestling in the world. The only league of its kind in existence.

Adrianna Nicole has returned. Her last match with Ultimate Surrender was a Tag Team Championship match up 2 years back. She is big, strong and tenacious on the mat. It’s great to have her back competing again.

We also welcome back Bella Rossi. She was contracted to another site and was unable to wrestle for awhile. This girl loves kicking bitch ass on the mat. She is hungry for bitch ass and the only thing she likes more than winning is fucking the losers in the ass.

This was a back and forth match up, two of the strongest welterweights on the roster battled it out hard. The only thing I want to reveal is the loser got some brutal ass fucking.

Alle neuen Rookies, alle neuen Catfights. Ultimate Surrender bringt das wettbewerbsfähig Sex Ringen in der Welt. Die einzige Liga ihrer Art überhaupt.
Adrianna Nicole ist zurückgekehrt in die Arena um sich mit Bella Rossi zu messen….Das einzige Ziel der Amazonen ist es, der Verliererin brutal in den Arsch zu ficken.

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