Outdoor Drill

Claire Dames und Sarah Faye werden in einem Outdoor Camp hart gedrillt

The Training of Sara Faye and Claire Dames

Boot Camp

Clare Dames

Slut number 2 is begging for a punishment. She has fucked up again, this time by misplacing her collar. Her pathetic pleas are met with kind re-assurance. We have the collar, all is well. Now assume the position and accept a ruthless thrashing as your trainer beats your ass with the very piece of leather that you seek. After pressing her to near failure, she is pulled up and the leather is wrapped around her neck. Now slut, trot the half mile back to the house alone and use the time to reconsider your responsibilities to the leather.Both sluts are whipped in tandem as their shuddering cunts are vibrated. The final blows cut the badges into their tits and asses as they ride their orgasms through the pain and burning humiliation. 

ready for girlfight

Claire Dames

Pony girl slaves trained to serve sadistic Masters

outdoor women drill

Claire Dames and big Tits

Training Reports


  • Learning and being challenged
  • On point but getting tired
  • Hungry for the craft
  • Enjoys being the good girl


  • Plug their asses with tails
  • Stand the slut sisters on the edge of a ravine
  • Drill their synchronization skills
  • Teach her to slap the shit out of her slut sister
  • Or, she gets the crop
  • 69 pussy sucking 101
  • Crop and cane them both anyways
  • Suffer till her lazy slut sister gets the come


  • Rhythm
  • Good girls get the come

  • Exhausted, not used to hard work
  • Not exactly with the program but
  • She is an amusing slut sister
  • Motivated by orgasms
  • Enjoys being the bad girl


  • Pony bits and crotch ropes
  • Teach them posture and discipline
  • Sweat them both on the filthy trails
  • Order them to hurt each other for our amusement
  • Or, she cleans her sister but plug with her mouth
  • Dual stress positions and cock sucking
  • Sexual synchronization
  • Beat her lazy ass for her failures


  • Posture
  • Lazy girls trot home


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  • This is the first time TTOO has attempted training two girls at the same time.
  • Recommending separate interviews for the girls.
  • Familiarize the young ladies with the rigors of the horse trails cutting through this 60 acres of isolated, scorching hillside.
  • Leash and yoke them both for marches between scenes
  • Determine and test their individual strengths, weaknesses and personalities to develop the week’s curriculum
fighting women camp

Big tits in fighting camp